Facebook is keeping busy adding new buttons and going at war with snapchat.

Cooped up in Menlo Park, California, Facebook developers are coding away trying to come up with new features for the popular website, and find new markets for the brand to take advantage of.

First before we cover the evident snapchat competitor (the elephant in the room) we should look at the new features they would like to add onto their most notable trademark facebook.com.

The Developer team at Facebook plans to roll out a new ask feature which will allow users to publicly enquire details from other users. This will see to it that all the blank spaces in your profile will be filled indirectly by “friends” asking you for all sorts information. Our source from the Guardian believes that the ask button will also help push facebook into the dating scene;facebook-ask-button1 where “friends” will “ask” about your relationship status so that you can be more than “friends”. Furthermore, Facebook is teaming up with Spotify Deezer and Rdio to add a feature to show what music a user is listening to, with 30 second previews;  it’s a rather dull new feature, so comment if you want to hear more and we’ll make a separate thread.

And lastly Facebook plans to unveil Slingshot the new snapchat competitor  which they believe will take advantage of the growing market for instant temporary picture messages (which are usually faces and captions like “can’t believe this weather” and “lolz”)slingshot. The service will probably be tied into Facebook allowing users to invite “friends” and import profile data across accounts.

Although the Slingshot project has been in development for a couple of months (ever since snapchat turned down their offer), the project is still in “Yes No Maybe..” phase where the app might not hit the consumer market. But with all those months of hard work… They should just find a way to tie it in to Whatsapp since they spent so much money on that.

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